Blogging Tips for New Direct Sales Bloggers

Blogging Tips for New Direct Sales Bloggers

 If you really want to set yourself apart from all of the other direct sales consultants out there, blogging is one way to do it.  There are many reasons to start a blog but the main one is it is a fantastic way to reach out to current customers with product information, find new customers and even work with and recruit team members.

Many reps do not embrace this, but those that do, can really see results in their business, if it is done right.  So here are 4 great blogging tips to help you get started on your way

1. Your blog should be attract in it’s design and be easy to navigate. When a reader stumbles upon your blog, you want them to stay there and nose around…not bounce back out. Design, navigation and content is “key” to having a successful blog. Take your time and really put some thought into your blog’s design, color scheme, layout and additional features before opening it up for others to see.

2. When publishing a blog it is important to provide factual, interesting and non-spammy information to those who read your blog. In other words, even though it’s your business blog, your published posts need to educate your readers about your company and/or products.

You can advertise your business and write about the products you sell, but they can’t be blatant, in-your-face sales ads. When writing about the products you sell, give your readers a reason to purchase them by talking about their special features, give ideas on how they can use them, why they would make a great gift, etc.

Since your customers can’t smell, see or feel the product up close and personal, your details need to be in-depth, accurate and given in a manner that encourages them to purchase the product.

3. You need to be consistent with your blogging efforts to keep readers coming back for more updates and to help with organic search engine backend traffic. When we say consistent, you should be publishing new blog posts about twice a week. If you are going to be taking any time off, pre-write your blog posts and schedule them to automatically post while you are gone.

Your blog posts should be a minimum of 300+ words, include proper keyword links to your products on your consultant website and include one or two photographs of the product you are talking about.

4. Once you have your blog up and running, you will be responsible for advertising your blog to others, because people will NOT magically find your blog. Let all of your friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, customers, party hosts, team members, etc. know about your blog and we recommend that you get business cards printed up with just your blog’s information printed onto them. Hand them out to everyone you know!

When it comes to advertising your blog online, publicize your posts on your social media outlets,  write some articles for article marketing, participate in some blog reviews or giveaways with review bloggers, etc. to get the word out to the online community.

Use these tips, brain storm some great article ideas and get your blog started today. Let me know how it goes and send me a message. I ‘d love to see your new blog.